Wealth management

Advisory management

EFIGEST ASSET MANAGEMENT aims to meet the needs for proximity, quality service as well as the concern for confidentiality expressed by its high-end customers.

A professional private management service is constituted by an initial and confidential knowledge of its customers, their needs and expectations. The service quality provided to our customers is our only objective. The common good is the sole engine of our development.

We’re constantly inspired in providing a management aiming to make the capital of those who have trusted us yield a profit but also to defend it.

EFIGEST ASSET MANAGEMENT develops an open management offering in order to supplement its own range of funds with a very wide selection of Fia and UCITS funds under French regulations and marketable in France.

For our clients who want to retain the legal responsibility for their investments, we offer an infrastructure of means of ordering, advices and a permanent assistance. Our monitoring and selection of UCITS as well as our analysis of market risks will be used to help our clients to know the offer and measure the suitability according to their assets situation. However, our clients remain fully responsible for their risk taking, given the absence of profile or mandate.