Services and products

We want to offer investors diversified and diversifying funds.

Our products are developed according to a rigorous process in order to meet the expectations of investors by aiming to offer them a long-term performance in a controlled risk environment. Our funds benefit from the latest financial innovations enabling us to implement strategies in the era of time.

Facing the multiplication of crises (Greece, Ukraine, Brexit, subprimes...), the market’s hyper information causes increased volatility and complicates management significantly. Thanks to its experience, the Efigest AM team strives to minimize the impact of these events in order to offer a linear and constant performance. It does so using a methodology based on a diversifying multi-product approach (equities, rates, trackers) covering several geographical areas and following various investment themes. This methodology is coupled with a reactive management based on the use of appropriate hedging instruments (currency futures, indices and rates).

All our decisions are justified and we take care to answer your questions without delay in order to guarantee the best possible service. Our management aims to offer you efficient, adapted and scalable solutions according to your needs, because we are and remain at the service of our customers.