Our methodology

Our methodology has been renewed during 2013 based on a fundamental and tactical analysis coupled with a risks study.

Our strategic pocket regroups high conviction positions based on a multicriteria analysis of the main forces governing the markets:

  • Macroeconomics: Growth, Inflation, Monetary Policies, Central Banks
  • Financials: flows, valuations, ratios
  • Psychological: analysis of investors and insiders behavior
  • Political and geopolitical factors

This analysis is supplemented by a graphical study of the main indices or values in order to adjust and assess the relevance of the investments.

Our tactical pocket aims at taking advantage of valuation variances during periods of volatility, uncertainties, and market inconveniences (hedges, simple derivatives, etc.).

Finally, we systematically ensure the diversification of our investments (sectors, geographical areas ...) according to a reactive and flexible management in order to optimize the portfolios risk management.